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BE ADVISED: California DUI Charges only have a 10 day deadline to call the DMV to request a hearing on the suspension and to get an temporary license extension! is a network of some of the BEST DUI Lawyers in California that focus on & fight DUI Charges.  

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Lawyer From

  1. All of the lawyers at concentrate their practice in DUI related offences and are very experienced in this area of law.  In fact, the majority of our DUI lawyers were former district attorneys with extensive experience on the prosecution side which givem them a huge advantage in winning your California DUI. 
  2. All of the lawyers at handle over 100 cases/year.  This is a requirement for a lawyer to join our network.  We ONLY work with criminal lawyers that have a wealth of experience in DUI related matters.
  3. All of the lawyers at will give you a 15% discount if you go through our network. You save $MONEY$ by going through our website!
  4. All of the lawyers at MUST offer clients charged with DUI related offences a FREE CONSULTATION.
  5. All of the lawyers at must make every effort possible to meet with potential clients within 48 hours of calling our toll free number.
  6. All of the lawyers at must have a high success rate in winning DUI related charges to be a part of our network.  We only work with criminal lawyers that have a proven successful track record at fighting DUI charges and attaining exceptional results.
  7. All of the lawyers at must offer flexible financing to clients who request for it

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The 7 Major Penalties You Will Face If You Plead Guilty To A California DUI:

  1. Criminal Status - If you are convicted of DUI in California you will have criminal status.  This may affect you in many ways including current employment & future job interviews, travelling abroad to certain countries.  A DUI conviction does not look good when a backgrad check is completed.  Our expert DUI lawyers can often reduce your DUI charges down to reckless driving!
  2. Jail Time - A person who is granted probation and accepts the courts probationary period may face anywhere from no jail time up to 6 months in jail. Any jail time that is assigned is at the judge’s discretion. A person who is not granted probation will face between 96 hours up to 6 months in jail.  *Our experienced DUI lawyers will likely be able to eliminate any additional jail time for you.
  3. Fines - The fine amounts for a 1st offense DUI will likely be between approx. $400 to $1,000+
  4. Alcohol Treatment Program - A person who is convicted of a first time DUI charge who had a blood alcohol content (BAC)  reading under .20% will be required to attend a state-licensed and approved 30-hour alcohol and drug program. If a person’s BAC was above .20% they will be required to attend a state-licensed and approved 60-hour alcohol and drug program.
  5. CA Driver’s License  - The DMV will suspend a person’s driving privileges for 4 months if the individual charged with a California DUI submitted to a breath, blood or urine test. This can be reduced to a one month suspension then  followed by 5 months of restricted driving privileges if the individual provides the DMV with proof of enrollment in DUI School. If the person refused to submit to testing, their license will be suspended for 1-year with no chance of gaining a restricted license. A person will be required to show proof of California SR22 insurance*  in order to have their license reinstated.
  6. Ignition Interlock Device - Effective July 1st 2010, California courts ordered and required the installation of an ignition interlock device if you are convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles, Tulare, Alameda and Sacramento counties.  This requirement may be expanded to the entire state of California and some judges in other counties are making this a requirement DUI convictions.
  7. Car Insurance - If you are convicted of a California DUI your car insurance will likely not be renewed without an SR 22 insurance certificate.  You are required to obtain an SR 22 insurance certificate from your car insurance company which will almost always cause your insurance premiums to go up costing you more money for car insurance.  A DUI conviction will likely cause your insurance premiums to increase by 300% for 7-10 years!  If you are currently paying $1000/year for car insurance, this will likely increase to $3000 for up to 10 years = $30,000 down the drain!  We can help you prevent these astronimical insurance increases by often dismissing or reducing your DUI charge to a dry or wet reckless driving charge which has almost no to small insurance premium increases. 

Choosing an experienced DUI attorney from will likely save you a lot of $ from preventing skyrocketing insurance hikes as well as reduced fines, help you attain a better result, save you time (you will likely not be required to attend court or the DMV hearing).  

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